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The Best Time to Visit Uganda is Now – Here is Why

If you are planning and hoping for an exceptional tour in Africa, Uganda is the country to visit because we have it all unlike other East African countries. And the best time to visit Uganda is now There is no need to wait. Uganda has almost all kinds of wildlife species, so many different primate species, bird species for the birders, cultural diversity given the fact that we have so many different tribes and all of them have their different cultures, among other tourists’ attractions.

So for those that are interested in visiting Uganda, the best time is now. You can expect to have the most amazing experience regardless of what you are interested and when you planning to travel.

You may be interested it attractions like the;

The wildlife and the bird life
Uganda has so many different wildlife species found in the different national parks, game reserves and other protected areas across the country. Such species include thousands of zebras found in both Kidepo and Lake Mburo national parks, large herds of buffaloes and elephants in Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Semilki national park, there are the Rothschild giraffes in Murchison, Kidepo and recently introduced a few in Lake Mburo national park. There are also several types of antelopes in all parks, there are warthogs, Hyenas, aquatic animals like the hippos, the crocodiles, among so other wild animals. This means, a Uganda wildlife safari is worthwhile.

The bird watchers will be amazed by the variety of bird species which include the rare and most sought birds like the shoebill stork that is commonly found in wetlands. The most common species may be found in most of the parks and these include birds like the crested crane, the wagtails, the great blue turaco, among so many others. There are so many other different birds therefore whichever park you choose to visit, you can expect variety of birds.best time to visit Uganda

Game viewing and bird watching can be done anytime of the year because the attractions are readily available although it may be challenging to see them during the dry season since they tend to keep in particular areas where there is fresh grass and water. During the wet season when every plant is very green and blossoming, animals are all over the place because of variety of grass and water for them to feed which makes the viewing easier. The birds, the butterflies are also attracted to the flowering plants however, the roads/ tracks within or towards the park may become very slippery and impassable during the rainy.

Primate watching
This is one of the most selling attractions and it attracts people from all over the world. Primates include the popular mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest and in Mgahinga national parks, the chimpanzees in Kibale, Budongo and Kyambura gorge, there are several monkeys species like the golden monkeys in Mgahinga national park, white and black colobus monkeys, the L’hoest, vevert monkeys and many others found in several forest reserves around the country.

When planning for a primate safari, often people consider factors like the season whether it is a low or high season. Many travelers opt for the low season which falls in months May, April and November and gorilla permits are sold at a discount which often leads to the parks getting overcrowded. Around these same months, tracking may not be that easy because such months are wet seasons therefore the ground is very slippery thus making hiking difficult.

Everyone will agree that primate watching is much easier if done during the dry season because the road a very passable, hiking in the jungle is easier since it’s not slippery. The disadvantage is that you might have to walk for long hours since mountain gorillas tend to move to the higher forest zones in an effort to find fresh green to feed on. The further they move, the longer you will most likely walk to find them. The dry months of the year are during June to September and December to February. Please note that gorilla and chimpanzee trips are done all year no matter the weather.

Gorilla Trekking trips

Cultural tours
Except for the seasonal cultural activities that one may be interested in witnessing like the Gishu’s cultural circumcision ceremony commonly referred to as the Imbalu, you can plan for a cultural tour during any time of the year including now. There are several cultural sites you can visit like the King’s different burial sites, craft shops, you may participate in cultural activities like the music and dances with groups like the Ndere troupe for cultural entertainment, may visit places like the Itanda cultural site, the Uganda martyr’s shrine, the King’s coronation site, among so many other sites.

Cultural tourism is adventure you can choose to go for now without worrying about whether it’s the season or not.

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