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Why Visit Uganda Next in 2021-2022

Visit Uganda Next

We love East Africa’s untethered natural wonders. The people are friendly, the food is warm, and the weather is wonderfully tropical. Visit Uganda for more than just the mountain giants in its rainforest jungle. Uganda is a friendly East African nation with rich natural diversity, diverse landscapes, and it deserves to make your 2021/22 Africa travel bucket list.

After the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic lock-down, many people feel the need to explore open spaces and get away from the city’s closed spaces. Vast savannah plains and forests, gorgeous nature and wildlife, exciting cities, and exclusive safari lodges await you here in Uganda. A perfect single destination that does not require crossing borders will get you out of your bubble and see the world.

There has never been a better time to visit Uganda. From gorgeous nature landscapes, mountain backdrops, a plethora of wildlife species to the myriad cultures and people, Uganda is an excellent choice for an Africa safari vacation. Here are the top reasons why you should visit Uganda next.

Why You Should Visit Uganda Next


The Gorilla Jungle Experience

Creating an unforgettable experience isn’t challenging when visiting Uganda. One of those memorable experiences in this remote destination’s jungles is tracking the mountain gorillas in the Impenetrable rainforest of Bwindi National Park. It is a phenomenal experience for any nature or animal enthusiast.

The jungle trek involves hiking through one of Africa’s oldest rainforests, rated as the wealthiest biodiversity destination, escorted among untouched wildlife searching for the remaining mountain gorillas. At numbers of only 1068, seeing one of these gorillas would be a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

The gorilla park journey is another adventure in itself, showcasing the beauty of Uganda’s countryside that has been compared to Switzerland’s rolling hills and valleys. The countryside emerald green blanket will capture your gaze and demand a “wow” out of you. We recommend taking the 10-hour drive from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and experiencing the raw, untouched natural Uganda countryside.

The tracking permit for the gentle mountain giants is reasonably priced at US$700 compared to the neighboring Rwanda destination (at US$1,500), and there greatly more to experience on a visit to Uganda trip like lion tracking. Another fantastic opportunity to live among Africa’s big wildlife names.

UWA is discounting all park entrance fees and permits for 2021 to all travelers. The gorilla permit for non-residents currently costs USD 400 per person. See details of all discounts.


Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The largest and most imposing African carnivore, and the most sought after member of the Africa Big 5 animals, the African lion, is the most sociable of the large cats, living in loosely structured prides of typically five to 15 animals.

Lions have special cultural significance in most countries on the continent. In Uganda, they enjoy a reputation as ‘king of the beasts’ and are popular symbols of royalty, strength, and bravery. Meet this undisputed king of the savanna jungle on a lion-tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Lion tracking is a terrific way to observe lions in their habitat and learn from an experienced researcher. This activity gives you an up-close and personal insight into the unique behaviors of these fantastic cats.

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